There are many reasons to hire a freelancer, but where do you start looking for one? It can be difficult to know which platform is best when hiring freelancers. Why should you choose IndyCan over other freelance-hiring sites, like PeoplePerHour or UpWork?

This is why we have collated 5 reasons why IndyCan is the UK's best platform for hiring freelance workers.

1. Find Flexible Workers

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One of the biggest reasons to hire a freelancer is their flexibility. SMEs and individuals that hire freelance labour have increased in quantity in the past year. This is due to the pandemic resulting in them not having the funds to pay consistent wages to their permanent employees. In fact, 47% of hiring managers are now more likely to hire freelancers than they were before COVID-19 hit. 47% of hiring managers are now more likely to hire freelancers than they were before COVID-19 hit, and it is easy to understand why these companies hire freelancers.

There is an ever-growing demand for more flexible workers due to the benefits of freelance workers vs employees. And we want to connect you to the right ones.

With IndyCan, you can access these flexible workers easily, before their availability fills up. We help you to find someone with the appropriate availability. Next, message them with your desired working hours, specific type and scope of work and come to an arrangement. This is all done in one place, via IndyCan.

Too busy to spend time choosing between different freelancers in the directory? Overwhelmed with choice? No need to worry. You have the option of letting IndyCan select freelancers for you, to narrow down your choices while only letting Freelancers contact you if you confirm that their experience and skills are relevant to your job.

2. Access to the Best Freelancers in the UK

One of the benefits of hiring freelancers is that their very focused skillset. They tailor services to the needs of clients and the events you require them for, as they have varied experience at multiple photography and videography jobs. This is opposed to being restricted to the skills they are taught at a company.

However, with hundreds of thousands of people turning to freelance employment after being furloughed, many will not have the skills you need. We pride ourselves on having a directory of only the most highly skilled and experienced UK freelancers. You can be rest assured that you will reap the desired benefits of hiring a freelancer that will not only do the job, but do the job well. Furthermore, on IndyCan, you are able to view freelancers' portfolios before you send them proposal invites. This should help narrow down your choices & ensure you hire the best freelancer for you, as well as ensuring that you know who and what you are paying for. Therefore, an advantage of hiring freelancers, especially on IndyCan, is that you can handpick the best-suited flexible worker for your event.

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3. Track Record of Your Conversations with Freelancers

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One of the disadvantages of hiring freelance labour away from IndyCan is the worry of miscommunication. You may be worried about your temporary employee misunderstanding your specification. Hiring a freelance worker versus a permanent employee is difficult at first as they are not already familiar with your standards or manner of dictating work. Everyone has a different communication style, and you may be nervous about yours not being fully understood. You might also struggle to keep track of what you are asking of your photographer/videographer. What if your email inbox is full, and you lose track of messages? What if you lose track of your freelancers' contact details as they accidentally gave you the wrong email address? What if your freelancer decides you owe them a deposit you haven't previously discussed?

IndyCan have the perfect solution to this - you can outline all details of your job spec to your Freelancer. And this is all done via our site. This makes the process as transparent as possible and records all conversations with your chosen freelancer(s), for you to refer back to at any time. Through IndyCan, the two of you can look through messages and ensure that you are both fully aware of what is expected - from the freelancer and the client. This is a perfect reason to hire a freelancer on IndyCan.

This is also a benefit of being a regular client of IndyCan, as you can continuously go back into your history and hire a freelancer you already use and trust.

4. Find Someone in Your Area

We know the frustration of needing someone to complete a job, but not finding someone who is able to reach your location. Sites like PeoplePerHour and UpWork have vast directories of freelancers, but looking through these for someone who can work at UK events will only result in wasted time from scrolling past non-local freelancers. A photographer based in another country will not be able to capture your wedding in Liverpool. You need a targeted directory that only includes freelancers within travelling distance.

IndyCan has a directory of freelancers from all over the UK, and we focus our strategy on obtaining UK freelancers. This is because we are catered towards finding freelancers that can physically work at your events. Therefore, IndyCan makes it more likely that you will find someone that is actually able to work for you. We take the hassle out of asking different Freelancers how far they are willing to commute. Our quick search function means it could not be easier to search for a relevant Freelancer. All you have to do is search for your Event Type, Location, and Service Required.

Q: What happens if a Freelancer is not based in your city or willing to travel to your location? Or if they are experienced in corporate events whereas you need someone to record your wedding?

A; They will not be recommended to you.

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5. Free to Join, and Commission-Free

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Events are a lot of work to organise. And you should not be made to pay extra to search for and hire talented freelancers. Unfortunately, some sites to search for freelancers do charge you for this. UpWork requires you to pay an additional 3% for them to process payments. On PeoplePerHour, freelancers may raise their prices to make up for the fact they have to pay PPH a commission on their earnings. Clients on this site are also required to pay deposits to freelancers they've chosen. This can be seen as a disadvantage of hiring freelancers.

IndyCan is unique in this respect: We are a commission-free site. Freelancers pay a fixed monthly fee so their charges for services will not alter. Client membership is completely free, and all Job payments are sorted between yourself and your Freelancer. No payment-processing fees or deposits apply unless yourself and your Freelancer mutually decide on this.

How Does That Sound?

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We hope the above list has shown you why you should hire a Freelancer. If you want to benefit from the same quality of work that contributes to why so many people are hiring freelancers today, sign up as a client to be able to access our directory of the best freelancers in the UK. We will help you find and talk to flexible workers easily.

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