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Updated 20 Apr 2021

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Overview of permitted uses of website content

Only registered users may post or send Proposals for Jobs on IndyCan. Client accounts are for those who wish to post Jobs and request Proposals from Freelancers who wish to work at their event. Freelancers are skilled videographers and photographers with public profiles on the Website who apply for Jobs via sending Proposals, either at the request of a Client or the Website upon being matched with a Client. 
Clients may submit a Job form on the Website to be matched with a Freelancer by IndyCan, or they may search in the Directory and send a Proposal request to (a) specific freelancer(s). 
When Clients and Freelancers enter into discussions about a job, their discussions, including after the Job takes place (especially concerning payment) are between the Client and the Freelancer. We do not accept liability for Freelancers failing to carry out Jobs, nor refund requests or late/missing payments from Clients. Our role is only to allow Clients and Freelancers to get in touch with each other and set up jobs; we do not operate an escrow service or handle payments. 
However, to encourage good practice on our site, and prevent Clients and Freelancers from receiving negative feedback, we endeavour to operate an environment of trust. Therefore, we strongly advise all our site users that:
 Freelancers must fulfil jobs, and do this on time according to previous correspondence with their Client.
 Clients must pay the agreed-upon fee (in a timely manner) for any Jobs carried out. 
If Freelancers do not fulfil high-quality work, or do not work to the promised standard or brief, they risk negative feedback from Clients and therefore penalisation in our Directory. We therefore encourage Clients to leave honest reviews to help other Clients choose suitable Freelancers. 
Freelancers may not solicit the removal of reviews from their Clients through mutual Job cancellations. 
Transport costs to job venues etc. are not compensated by IndyCan and are the responsibility of the Freelancer.

Registration requirements

In order to register an account on IndyCan, you must accept these Terms of Service. You must also provide an email address, first and last name and a password. 
You must use your own email address as this is the one which will be used to contact you about Jobs and Proposals. You must also supply us with your credit card details so that you can be charged our Necessary Fees, outlined below:

Necessary Fees

If you create an account as a Client, all usage of the site is free (except for payments which you must make to individual Freelancers who have completed Jobs for you. These payments must be completed in a timely manner and be an amount that you have agreed on with your chosen Freelancer, that adequately compensates them for their work). 
If you create an account as a Freelancer, your initial membership is free. This membership allows you to receive Proposal invites from Clients, and accept jobs. Membership as a Freelancer will then cost a flat fee of £15 a month when one or either of the following conditions apply:

1) You successfully complete your first job as a result of connecting with a Client on the website.

2) You wish to access the accountancy service provided by Rauf Accountants, which entitles them to file your annual tax returns.

This membership can be cancelled at any time.

(Note: for April 2021 alone, Freelancers may register within this month and get their next tax returns filed for free without the need to pay anything extra yet.)

When you create an account as a Freelancer, you input your credit/debit card details and you are consenting for this card to be billed for membership when applicable. 
To maximise security, IndyCan does not hold any credit/debit card details. These are held by the Stripe Payment Gateway.

Use of Our Accountancy Service

Our Accountancy Service is provided by Rauf Accountants. For all IndyCan Freelancers who request this service, Rauf Accountants will file their next annual tax returns for free.

Many Freelancers have to file their tax returns at different times in the year. Therefore, in order to access this service, Freelancers must email info@indycan.co.uk at least 2 months before their tax returns' submission deadline, notifying us that their self-assessment will be due in at least 2 months. IndyCan and Rauf Accountants will not be liable for failing to carry out the tax returns filing service if we are not given this 2 months of notice.

Content Guidelines

IndyCan allows for the displays of certain user generated content. 
Where reviews are posted of Freelancers, we request that the content of these reviews are honest but not abusive or defamatory. 
When Clients and Freelancers correspond with each other on the Website, as well as via email, phone, and at events, we request that they conduct themselves politely as abusive or unreasonable behaviour will not be tolerated. 
Where Freelancers have the option to post their portfolios, we request that these are definitely the own work of the Freelancer and have not been taken from any other photographer/videographer/website. Inappropriate content is not permitted to be displayed in this portfolio.

We reserve the right to remove users from the Website if they violate the above content guidelines.

We reserve the right to revise and make changes to these Terms of Service at any time. On the occasion that we do, users will receive a notification via a banner on the website and an email to your account if you have one, which you will have the option to read through and accept.

Privacy Information

We take the privacy of our users very seriously; please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information. This also outlines our use of Cookies.