Freelance employment is a flexible career path that many people opt for as a way to escape the 9 to 5. There are so many sites like UpWork, People Per Hour, the Mandy Crew etc. Plus, there are so many advantages and disadvantages of freelancing. Overall, it can be quite overwhelming to decide which freelancing site is best, and if freelance employment has relevant benefits for you. Therefore, we have collated 5 benefits of being a freelancer on IndyCan, to access jobs in freelance photography and/or videography.

1. Annual Tax Returns Completed For Freelancers

One of the benefits of freelance employment is that you are running your own business, which can be a rewarding lifestyle. This is because you are your own boss with the ability to set your own rates. This is one of many benefits of being a freelancer vs an employee. However, you should consider getting a freelancer accountant and business bank account for this. This is because you are required to file an annual tax return and pay quarterly estimated tax. You also have to look out for certain regulations and laws when setting your freelance employment rates. Luckily, with IndyCan, you are eligible to take advantage of our accountancy service provided by Rauf Accountants. This gives you the option to get us to complete your annual tax returns on your behalf.

How it works:

When you register as a freelancer on IndyCan, your next tax returns will be filed by our partners, Rauf Accountants, for free. It is your responsibility to tell us your submission date - let us know with at least 2 months' notice by emailing, and we will notify Rauf Accountants to file them for you. See our terms of service for more information.

If you wish for further tax returns to be filed for you, you will be able to access this by paying IndyCan £15 a month, which is much cheaper than what it would typically cost to pay for your own accountant to file these tax returns (around £250 is the standard price for your tax returns to be filed in the UK).

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2. Keep Track of Your Freelance Jobs

With IndyCan, you can chat with potential clients on our website, Not only does this enable you to find more clients for future photography/videography jobs, but it also allows you to freely discuss freelance job specifications with your clients, and have a record of these discussions, so there is no confusion about what your photography or videography jobs will entail. On your Jobs tab, you will also have access to a record of the freelance work you have completed - making it as easy as possible for you to keep track of who you have worked for, how much you have earnt so far and what payments you have received.

This is important as a major advantage of freelancing is the ability to work for a range of clients. You do not have to remain in an office environment you are uncomfortable with, or keep working with colleagues that start to grate on you. Instead, you can switch working environments with ease, and move from job to job without committing to one place that you grow to dislike. IndyCan helps you keep track of your ever-changing jobs and clientele, by keeping a convenient record of this on your Jobs tab.

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3. Commission-Free Pay

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Many freelance job sites take a commission from their freelancers. For instance, on PeoplePerHour freelancers must pay the website a service fee of 20% on projects worth less than £250. (These fees decrease as you earn more money.) Certain methods of transferring money also require withdrawal fees. There is also a 20% commission fee for UpWork freelancers who earn up to $500 (around £358), which decreases only when more money is earnt. These commissions can contribute to the disadvantages of freelancing.

Herein lies the major advantage of freelancing on IndyCan. We are unique in that we take zero commission fees from our freelancers. This is because we understand that your work is important to you, especially in today's unstable and competitive job market, and you could do without parts of your income being taken away.

Instead, you do not have to pay any monthly membership unless you apply to get your tax returns regularly filed for free

You can alter your freelance pay rates according to your own needs and the market of your area - with no need to pay any commission to us for earning above a certain amount. There is no risk of having to spend more for earning more - your monthly membership is fixed. This is a key benefit of freelance employment on IndyCan that you cannot find from certain other freelance job services.

4. Find Work all Over the UK

As we have already stated, IndyCan allows you to set your own freelance pay rates. This allows you freedom and flexibility as you can accept jobs all over the UK and also set your rates accordingly. For instance, the average freelance photographer earns around £15.32 in a city such as Leeds, but this increases to about £19.29 for London photography jobs, so you might want to have the option to work at jobs in London despite being based outside of London, to receive a higher pay. With IndyCan, you have this option. Simply state your desired location on your profile when you sign up, and let us know your desired hourly pay rate.

On IndyCan, clients you have worked for will be able to rate you and leave reviews, which will be available for viewing on your profile in our Directory. The more clients that you work for, the more favourable reviews will be visible on your profile, and you will be able to work with even more clients from all over the country.

An advantage of being a freelancer on IndyCan is that you do not have to spend time searching for these clients, only for them to not get back to you: On IndyCan, it is the Clients that will get into contact with you, and IndyCan will also market your profile to Clients who have previously not chosen to hire you. We aim to give you the highest possible chance of finding freelance jobs, without you having to do the job-hunting. We view this as the major advantage of freelancing with us.

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5. Little Cost for High Benefits

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Due to recent events, notably the pandemic, we know that what people, especially the self-employed need, is stability. Especially a stable income. Therefore, we want to offer a benefit of freelancing that other sites for freelancers do not offer. This is the ability to reap good benefits without having to pay high costs.

IndyCan is therefore free to join. Once you sign up, Clients will be able to contact you and discuss job specifications. Your next tax returns will also be filed for free.

IndyCan is constantly endeavouring to provide a service that offers the most useful benefits for freelancers.

How Does That Sound?

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We hope we contributed to your understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of freelancing. If the benefits of freelancing have shown you that a career in freelancing on IndyCan is the right course for you, do not hesitate in registering now.

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